Private Clients

Our Private Client service offers fully managed – and index tracking – pensions & ISAs, together with full financial support

Private Clients

We provide fully managed, and passive tracking, Pensions (with SIPP commercial property functionality), ISAs, Junior ISAs, Junior Pensions and a General Investment Account, together with full support, information and guidance from your own Private Client Manager.


A summary of our Private Client service

  • Intelligent Money is a well established (2002) financially secure (running c.£2bn of asset) FCA Authorised and Regulated investment management company
  • We are always here to provide our Private Clients with in-depth information, guidance and support, without you having to pay the costs involved with financial advice
  • Our portfolios have consistently out-performed their benchmarks​
  • We offer 5 fully managed portfolios with fixed risk/reward levels and 2 fully managed portfolios with adjusted risk/reward levels that are automatically managed down over time to match your future income/lump sum withdrawal​ requirements (IM Optimum)
  • 5 Purely passive portfolios with different equity/bond exposures (IM Index)
  • A core 10 equity holding portfolio (PH Equity)
  • You can switch between portfolios at any time at no charge
  • Our total annual cost is just 0.57% to 0.87% a year (depending on portfolio choice) with a one-off 1.5% initial transaction fee. There are no other fees.
  • The minimum investment criteria is £100,000 (subject to certain exceptions – please call us)


So we are very different from other investment managers, We don’t insist you take responsibility for selecting your asset allocation and investment funds, together with all ongoing monitoring and readjustment in line with market conditions. We do all of this for you, with the added benefit of full support, information and guidance from your own dedicated Private Client Manager.

Our low fees can be less than half or even a quarter of the cost of a managed portfolio from other DIY providers and a fraction of the cost of using a financial adviser.

Equally, whilst we believe strongly in the value of high quality financial advice, our Private Clients are usually people who require information, guidance and support, not product specific recommendations.

If this resonates with you then find out more about becoming an Intelligent Money Private Client by calling us on 0115 94 84 200 or clicking the links above. We welcome new clients and are always open to fit within your current circumstances.