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PH Equity

A “buy and hold” portfolio of very high performing defensive stocks, personally selected by our CEO

PH Equity


This portfolio is a holding of 10 US based multinational companies that were originally selected as defensive stocks during the credit crunch recession.

The logic was simple. Buy and hold companies that would thrive when markets (and people) were facing a downturn.

Consumer staples (Colgate Palmolive and Unilever), together with price reducing tech companies (such as Amazon and Netflix) and drinks giant Diageo (owner of brands ranging from Guinness, Bell’s, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys, Gordon’s, Tanqueray and many others) make up our top five largest holdings, together with other brands selected as defensive stocks.

That all of these stocks – when combined and weighted as we hold them – delivered incredible levels of out performance, shows that defensive holdings can also provide extremely high growth.

Today we consider that nothing has changed regarding these fundamentals. The original holdings (and their weightings) remain the same.

Importantly though, whilst being a “buy and hold” investment, this portfolio is fully managed. If a change is needed it can therefore be implemented.

PH Equity has a fully inclusive annual management charge of 0.67%, reducing to 0.62% on assets over £500,000 and 0.57% on assets over £1m.



PH Equity

This portfolio aims to provide capital growth from a core buy and hold investment strategy in 10 globally recognised stocks we consider to be well positioned as defensive during market down turns and well positioned for exemplar growth during rising markets.

Whilst working as a buy and hold strategy the portfolio has full active management and the holdings and respective weightings are continually monitored, reviewed and can be amended as and when any fundamental factors change.