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PH Portfolios

Two very different investment portfolios which aim to achieve the same objective, in different ways. Personally selected by our CEO and Will Dickson.

PH Portfolios

PH Equity and PH Recovery are two fully managed portfolios that focus on stock selection (rather than the general markets) and are led by the decisions made by our CEO, Julian Penniston-Hill and Citywire award winning fund manager, Will Dickson.
Each have a fully inclusive annual management charge of 0.67%, reducing to 0.62% on assets over £500,000 and 0.57% on assets over £1m.
They have completely opposite objectives. PH Equity is a long term buy and hold investment, whilst PH Recovery invests in strong companies that have been hard hit by CV19 and are therefore available at a very large discount.



PH Equity

This portfolio aims to provide capital growth from a core buy and hold investment strategy in 10 globally recognised stocks we consider to be well positioned as defensive during market down turns and well positioned for exemplar growth during rising markets.

Whilst working as a buy and hold strategy the portfolio has full active management and the holdings and respective weightings are continually monitored, reviewed and can be amended as and when any fundamental factors change.

PH Equity is rebalanced quarterly unless in the view of the managers it is more beneficial to rebalance in a shorter or longer timeframe.


PH Recovery

This portfolio aims to provide capital growth from a Covid 19 recovery investment strategy in stocks that we consider are fundamentally sound but are now available at a significant discount

The portfolio has full active management and this involves the selling down of stocks and return of capital at an individual level when they have met our criteria for their recovery prospects. It is important to remember that this portfolio is, by its nature, speculative.

The portfolio was established with 16 holdings each having a target sale price that has been reviewed as the Pandemic has evolved. 

12 of these holdings have now reached their target price and been sold down, The portfolio now holds 4 companies. We will continue to review the target sale price of these holdings and exit them as we feel appropriate. 

The remaining holdings are Anheuser-Busch InBev, Compass Group, EasyJet, Melrose Industries.