Julian Penniston-Hill

PH Portfolios

Concentrated individual stock selection and management which aims to outperform the markets. Personally selected by our CEO and Will Dickson.

PH Portfolios

PH Equity and PH Opportunities are two fully managed portfolios that focus on stock selection (rather than the general markets), run by our CEO, Julian Penniston-Hill and Citywire award winning fund manager, Will Dickson.

Each has a fully inclusive annual management charge of 0.87%, reducing to 0.82% on assets over £500,000 and 0.77% on assets over £1m.

PH Equity is a long term buy and hold investment of very strong and large, multinational household names. PH Opportunities is a medium to long term investment in companies that are undervalued, available at a discount due to external market conditions, or offer new technology and/or distribution.

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PH Equity

This portfolio aims to provide capital growth from a core buy and hold investment strategy in 10 globally recognised stocks we consider to be well positioned as defensive during market down turns and well positioned for exemplar growth during rising markets.

Whilst working as a buy and hold strategy the portfolio has full active management and the holdings and respective weightings are continually monitored, reviewed and can be amended as and when any fundamental factors change.

PH Equity is rebalanced quarterly unless in the view of the managers it is more beneficial to rebalance in a shorter or longer timeframe.


PH Opportunities

PH Opportunities is our portfolio of special investment opportunities, holding companies that are undervalued, depressed by external conditions (such as the Covid 19 restrictions), investing in new technology and distribution, plus other appropriate and compelling factors that create investment opportunities.

It is designed as a medium to long term investment strategy for investors, with the underlying holdings being fully managed internally to ensure we exit holdings upon hitting price targets and use the proceeds to reinvest in future opportunities that are in line with the original investment mandate.

In many ways PH Opportunities take off where the highly successful PH Recovery left, with a wider investment remit and ongoing stock replacement where appropriate to create a medium to long term investment strategy.

Intelligent Money is responsible for all investment management oversight, strategy and stock selection of PH Opportunities and appoints (and amends when it sees fit) a dedicated Discretionary Fund Manager to implement this strategy and run the underlying investment mandate on a day-to-day basis.

PH Technology

PH Technology (PHT) aims to provide higher than average levels of capital returns through an actively managed buy and hold strategy of, typically, 10-15 companies operating within, supporting or benefiting from direct technology and the wider technology space.

It has a particular focus on achieving such returns from companies that sell, or benefit from, goods and services in electronics, software, computers, artificial intelligence, Bio/Life sciences and other industries related to information technology (IT), together with a focus on evolving growth opportunities which we consider nascent today.

The key attributes of the businesses we invest in are that they are drivers of innovation, change and disruption, and have a clear pathway to potential growth and market dominance in their fields.

The portfolio weightings are rebalanced quarterly, unless in the view of the managers it is appropriate to do so at different times.